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Size of colleges & libraries, circa 1930

My postings to this blog have been much more sporadic over the last few weeks, largely because I have been working on a comprehensive literature review on the subject of…(surprise) … Continue reading

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Research Synthesis Methods – What Librarians Do

This article in JASIST caught my eye…I’m sorry that it is behind a paywall… Research synthesis methods and library and information science: Shared problems, limited diffusion by Laura Sheble.  Interests of researchers … Continue reading

May 16, 2015 · 1 Comment

“The problem of the unused book”…still

First, I should explain my absence…I’ve become temporarily disabled by a broken foot.  To those who know my alternate life, no, it was not from playing hockey (although if it … Continue reading

January 22, 2015 · 2 Comments

Books are for (Re)Use | Inside Higher Ed

Books are for (Re)Use | Inside Higher Ed. As indicated by the name of this blog, I keep an eye out for references to Ranganathan.  Here, Barbara Fister first shows … Continue reading

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Vintage Catalog Cards for Literary Classics from the Semi-Secret Archive of the Library of Congress

See on – Library Collections An affectionate reminder that a book is a node in a complex human network of authors, readers, and librarians, connecting time, space, and s … Continue reading

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200 Years Later, George Washington Gets A Presidential Library

See on – Library Collections In 1787, Washington mused that he needed a space for his voluminous records. Now he has it. Karen R. Harker‘s insight: It is very … Continue reading

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Internet search engines drove US librarians to redefine themselves

See on – Library & Information Science Research Although librarians adopted Internet technology quickly, they initially dismissed search engines, which duplicated tasks they considered integral to their field. Karen … Continue reading

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The Fifth Law

I find Ranganathan’s Fifth Law of Library Science the most intriguing: The Library is a Growing Organism.  While the First Law can be considered a “Trivial Truism”, which he compares … Continue reading

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The Fourth Law: Save the Time of the Reader

Save the Time of the Reader.  That is S.R. Ranganathan’s Fourth Law of Library Science.  Unlike the first three laws, this one “makes its approach from the side of the … Continue reading

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