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Post-Beall’s List

No doubt you have heard that Professor Jeffrey Beall’s blog,, with the associated lists of suspected publishers, journals and metrics, has been removed from public view at his request.  Here … Continue reading

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About Us | Prelinger Library

Source: About Us | Prelinger Library It is amazing what I have learned this year, and the Prelinger Library is the most pleasing.  I was reviewing items for a publication … Continue reading

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New ways of viewing data

There has been a series of articles in Nature and The Scholarly Kitchen regarding (yet) another way of comparing the impact of journals via citations.  Among the problems with the more traditional journal … Continue reading

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Notes from the OA Symposium, 2016

As I mentioned previously (actually, about 30 minutes ago in real time), it’s been a busy week in Denton.  The University of North Texas hosted two separate meetings on overlapping … Continue reading

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Notes from the Library Publishing Forum

It’s been a busy week at UNT – host of two meetings: The Library Publishing Forum and the 7th annual Open Access Symposium.  The dates, and themes, are overlapping – … Continue reading

May 22, 2016 · 1 Comment

Assessing the evolving library collections

Lorcan Dempsey from OCLC® Research recently revisited their 2014 publication on library collections (Collection Directions: The Evolution of Library Collections and Collecting), emphasizing the “facilitated collection” aspect of their report.  This refers to … Continue reading

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Open Data for LIS Research

This blog is a venue devoted to improving the utility and effectiveness of libraries, librarianship, and librarians through careful study.  This inevitably involves data, a word that has recently become hot, … Continue reading

January 31, 2016 · 1 Comment

Emerald | Looking Back, Looking Ahead with Jaeger, Bertot and Hines

Source: Emerald | Looking Back, Looking Ahead with Jaeger, Bertot and Hines Here are some thoughts about the past year and the year to come in librarianship.  I think the … Continue reading

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10 Ideas for Bringing Museums into the 21st Century

10 Ideas for Bringing Museums into the 21st Century. This actually came from Stephen’s Lighthouse, with this caption from him: “Sounds like the best library strategies too…”  So, I bit…and … Continue reading

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